Big Eye
The All-Seeing Eye
These are three variations of The Eye that appears in Spooks!

Re-edited and rendered specifically for use in projection displays, they all use a solid black background for easy framing, the sound is silent, and the sequences are designed to be seemlessly looped. The eye darts from one place to another, stopping to examine what it sees at each point. This special version of The Eye also has a gelatinous mucous layer surrounding the eye which jiggles as the eye moves and a visible neural stem hanging off the lower back. It is a full 3D model with blood vessals visible just under the surface and visible depth and parallax in the lens and pupil as it moves.

  • All sequences are 1 minute and seemlessly loopable
  • Available in 720p & 1080p mp4 formats with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Immediately available for download
  • Each sequence sold separately and licensed for your exclusive personal use and modification
Send us pictures or video of your displays - we'd love to see and share them!

eye-single Single Eye
This version is a large single eye. It has the most detail and is best at filling a square projection area.

eye-double Double Eye
This version has a pair of eyes that track. It is the same sequence as the single eye but doubled side by side. It works well if you have a rectangular projection area that is wider than tall.

eye-triple Triple Eye
This version has three eyes in a triangle that track simultaneously. It uses the same sequence as the single eye. The eyes are smaller than the single but the same size as the double eye. It works well in a squarish projection area or triangular if you have one. It is a good choice if you want that creepy sense of three eyes tracking together.

After payment you will be sent to a page where you can download both 720p and 1080p format mp4 files.
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