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Living in the Hill Country of Texas, near Wimberley, Texas Ivars loves to indulge his creative side. After starting out as a photojournalist and musician, he has over 40 years experience in inventing,  developing, and presenting new technologies. He created the first commercial wireless broadband Internet service in the world in the 1990's in Austin, Texas before cable and DSL were available. In the 1980's he invented and patented an optical full color 3D holographic imaging technology requiring neither glasses nor lasers. He has worked in areas as diverse as software, electronics, health care, optics, and entertainment and was involved in very early digital films and music in the late 1960's and early 70's. These days he devotes his time to creating films, writing stories and commentary, creating music, and caring for the animals in and around his home bringing a lifetime of experiences and expertise to his projects. Lately he has been working on a "virtual studio" for film production and an Internet architecture that eliminates backbones and service providers.

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