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Retired and living near Wimberley, Texas, Ivars has been indulging his creative side the past few years. In addition to making films he also writes stories, creates music, and tinkers with new inventions. He has over 40 years experience in inventing and developing new technologies and created the first always-on commercial wireless broadband Internet service in the world in the mid 1990's in Austin, Texas. In the 1980's he invented an optical computing architecture that can be used to produce and display full color 3D holographic imagery without the use of lasers or glasses as well as a variety of other optical items.  Lately he has been working on creating a "virtual studio" for film production as well as creating  an eclectic variety of films.

Commentary by Ivars Vilums
Needed: A Real Internet
A Little Piece of 1% History
So This Is Christmas
Whither Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

IMDb listing of "The Story of Father Ev"
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A short film about Ivars Vilums from around 2010

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