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Nobell’s Data Transport System
Ivars Vilums: March, 1999


Figure 1 - Terralite Concept

Figure 2 - Actual Installed Terralite in Use

Figure 3 - Terralite Internal Network Schematic

Ground IP Satellites - "Terralites"
consist of a group of Primary Cell Controllers (PCC’s) connected via Ethernet to a Satellite Link Controller (SLC). Each PCC provides service to a geographic area and the set covers all of the customer service area of the Satellite. A Satellite may cover a full circle or some segments depending on need and can be quickly modified as needed.
Satellite Link Controller (SLC)
  • Trunk Band operation
  • used for bulk traffic between Satellites
  • acts as router
  • Balances traffic load to nearby Satellites
  • manages inter-satellite encryption
Primary Cells
Primary Cells illuminate a geographic area and provide access to the Nobell Transport Network to Customer Premises Equipment in that area.  The antenna, power levels, and terrain determine cell coverage area. Within a satellite, they are connected with each other and a Satellite Link Controller.
Primary Cell Controller (PCC)
  • Primary Band operation
  • Integral antenna
  • Outdoor operation
  • Connects with other PCC’s using Ethernet
  • remote configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • manages customer-link encryption

Figure 4 - Primary Cell Schematic

Nobell Network Architecture

Figure 5 - Overview of Nobell Network Architecture

Nobell Transport Mesh
Terralites communicate with each other using Satellite Link Controllers which are essentially IP routers with RF links.  Each Satellite can communicate with other Satellites within its range to balance the load as traffic warrants.

Backhaul Facilities
Inter-City Backbone
Carrier Interconnect Facility

Customer Premises Equipment

Customer Premises Interface (CPI)
  • Primary Band operation
  • Communicates with PCC
  • integral IP router
  • Integral antenna
  • outdoor operation

Local Cells

Local Cells provide wireless access at a customer site to the customers LAN and, through the CPI, the Nobell Transport Network

Local Cell Controller (LCC)
  • Local Band operation
  • used to put wireless devices on customers local LAN
  • works like PCC except on different band and lower power level
  • Ethernet interface
  • communicates with PAC and EDI, making them appear on the Ethernet as hosts
  • multiple PAC’s can be used together
  • Connects to CPE via Ethernet

Portable Access Card (PAC)
  • Local Band operation
  • works with LCC to put host on local LAN
  • PCMCIA card
  • Battery operation
Ethernet Device Interface (EDI)
  • Local Band operation
  • external box version of PAC with Ethernet interface
  • works with LCC to put host on local LAN

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